• Zergrinch

    The app was recently updated in the Windows store.  There are no patch notes (the current patch notes are the same as the last one, which introduced Salvage Droids.

    I'm reluctant to upgrade because I'm currently using a bug that lets me reset the game over and over again without saving.  I send out a 25-bux salvage mission, save the game, reload, and keep reloading until I get what I want.  Which is the two levels I don't have (Chiss HSP and something from Kashyyyk).  

    I want to ask the Android and IOS users out there -- are there any updates for you? If so, what has changed?

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  • Zergrinch

    Not sure what just happened, but the price of ALL of the unlocked levels just dropped to 1 bux each, with over 100% discount.

    I now have 138 levels, 37 of which are under construction.

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  • Zergrinch


    March 20, 2014 by Zergrinch

    1. Bantha Burger
    2. Bongo Sandwiches
    3. Cookslot
    4. Dewback Ribs
    5. Dex's Diner
    6. Ewok Sweets
    7. Galley
    8. Geonosian Grub
    9. Gungan Diner
    10. Huttza Parlor
    11. Ice-on-a-stick
    12. Ithorian Food
    13. Javva the Hutt
    14. Kamino Sushi
    15. Kosh Tea House
    16. Melahnese Food
    17. Mon Cala Seafood
    18. Mos Espa Cafe
    19. Naboo Delicacies
    20. Neimoidian Food
    21. Scoop of Hoth
    22. Star Smoothies
    23. The Cantina
    24. Wookiee Chow

    1. Ammunition Depot
    2. Blast Doors
    3. Blaster Repair
    4. Communications
    5. Detention Level
    6. Droid Torture
    7. Droid Works
    8. Emperor's Chamber
    9. Extending Bridge
    10. Forcefield Gen
    11. Hyperdrive Field
    12. Imperial Meeting
    13. Interrogation
    14. Map Room
    15. Officer's Lounge
    16. Overbridge
    17. Shuttle Bay
    18. Sith Meditation
    19. Superlaser Ray
    20. TIE Hangar
    21. Tractor Beam
    22. Trooper Armor
    23. Trooper Barracks
    24. Turbolaser Gun
    25. Droid Lab
    26. Life Support

    1. Bowcaster Range
    2. Dark Side Cave
    3. Galaxies Opera
    4. Holo Billiards
    5. Holochess Hall
    6. Holofilm Rental
    7. Holonet Ca…

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