Imperial Propaganda decoration event
Abafar Apts Imp Prop
Hey guys, a new decoration event has just started. Like the previous decoration events, send decorator droids (R2-Q5) to festoon your levels with red Imperial banners to win prizes. There's 9 days left on the event.

I didn't get a chance to play the previous decoration events, so some tips would be appreciated. Should I go all-out and spend my Bux to buy decorator droids, or will there be ample time to get the droids as they come in the elevator? I hope I don't have to grind 24/7 to complete all the tasks, like with the Medals/Imperial Levels one.

The decorator droids cost 5 Bux each to summon, although the first one was free. I've already noticed a lot more Find the Bitizen and Catch the Spy tasks to compensate for these purchases.

The first prize came after decorating 10 levels. I received 10x Sandtrooper costumes.

I'm now working on the second prize. It looks like a unique bitizen. It will unlock at 30 levels.

Edit: I'm guessing this is going to be Grand Moff Tarkin, who appearred in the Limited Edition album a few days ago.

The third prize looks like a level (it's obscured; it's just a black rectangle), which unlocks at 60 levels.

Worryingly, I have not received a single decorator droid in my elevator yet. I hope that's not a sign of how this event is going to progress. Again, if you've got any hints and tips, please leave a comment below.

Well, good luck to each of you!

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