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Album Greedo info-locked

A locked bitizen, showing the number of their unlocked Scenes.

A couple of days ago I found that the info cards for the unique bitizens have been updated. The update shows, below the clapperboard icon, the number of that bitizen's Scenes which have unlocked. Note that the bitizen doesn't necessarily have to have unlocked the Scene themselves, it may have been unlocked by one of the other bitizens assigned to unlock that Scene. To illustrate this more clearly, I'll use the example of how I found this.

I had just completed building the Training Remotes level. This Scene is unlocked by either Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke arrived in the lift and used him to unlock the Scene. I then checked Obi-Wan's info card and the clapperboard showed 3 of 3.

Note that the clapperboard and number applies only for unique bitizens. Generic bitizens which unlock Scenes still do not have a clapperboard icon, e.g Guangan.

For unique bitizens which you have yet to find/unlock, the clapperboard also shows the number of their Scenes which have been unlocked.

If you're not using the Scenes wiki page to unlock the Scenes then this update should help you save time and effort to solve the Scene unlocks.

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