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    May the 4th

    May 3, 2014 by Sleepykransky

    May The Fourth Be With You.

    Happy Star Wars day. Enjoy playing Tiny Death Star today. :)

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  • Sleepykransky

    Hey guys, a new decoration event has just started. Like the previous decoration events, send decorator droids (R2-Q5) to festoon your levels with red Imperial banners to win prizes. There's 9 days left on the event.

    I didn't get a chance to play the previous decoration events, so some tips would be appreciated. Should I go all-out and spend my Bux to buy decorator droids, or will there be ample time to get the droids as they come in the elevator? I hope I don't have to grind 24/7 to complete all the tasks, like with the Medals/Imperial Levels one.

    The decorator droids cost 5 Bux each to summon, although the first one was free. I've already noticed a lot more Find the Bitizen and Catch the Spy tasks to compensate for these purchases.

    The first…

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  • Sleepykransky

    A couple of days ago I found that the info cards for the unique bitizens have been updated. The update shows, below the clapperboard icon, the number of that bitizen's Scenes which have unlocked. Note that the bitizen doesn't necessarily have to have unlocked the Scene themselves, it may have been unlocked by one of the other bitizens assigned to unlock that Scene. To illustrate this more clearly, I'll use the example of how I found this.

    I had just completed building the Training Remotes level. This Scene is unlocked by either Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke arrived in the lift and used him to unlock the Scene. I then checked Obi-Wan's info card and the clapperboard showed 3 of 3.

    Note that the clapperboard and number applies only fo…

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  • Sleepykransky

    I just had this Rodian move in to one of my apartments. His dream job is an Imposter. What is this? Obviously there's no Food level called Imposter. Does this mean that he can get any Food job and it will be flagged as a dream job?

    Unfortunately this bitizen has only low skill levels.

    I also noticed that the job title is not printed in all upper case, like with the normal bitizens.

    Does anyone else have an imposter in their Death Star?

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  • Sleepykransky

    I have just found that a new group of 24 Bitizens have been added to the game today: Galactic Registry: Series 1. I have added a new page to the wiki.

    I haven't found any of these new Bitizens yet.

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