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Tatooine Apts
Tatooine Apts
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 Base Amounts
Icon Credits Stock Time
Icon Blank Icon 1Credit n/a
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 Residential Levels

Tatooine Apts is a Residential level available in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. 


Level Pictures
Tatooine Apts
Level Completion:
Tatooine Apts Complete


Delivering C-3PO or a Tusken Raider to this level unlocks a Scene.

Scene Tusken Raider and Tatooine Apts (Star Wars Tiny Death Star)01:27

Scene Tusken Raider and Tatooine Apts (Star Wars Tiny Death Star)

Album C-3PO Album Tusken Raider

Upon entering the apartment, C-3PO is attacked by two Tusken Raiders. During the ensuing melee, he wrests control of a Tusken's gaderffii, and manages to chase both raiders away.



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