Superlaser Ray
Superlaser Ray
Imperial Tasks
Icon Cooling Coil Cooling Coil
Icon Blaster Rifle Blaster Rifle
32px Test Firings
 Base Amounts
Icon Credits Stock Time
Icon Cooling Coil Icon 1Credit 1,855 1h 30m
Icon Blaster Rifle Icon 2Credit 2,545 1h 50m
24px Icon 3Credit n/a
 Imperial Levels

Superlaser Ray is an Imperial level in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.


Any bitizen, including those who did not request the particular floor, can be delivered to this level. If a resource is being assembled, doing so will cut one minute from the completion time.

Icon Name Description Credit to Start Total Time
Icon Cooling Coil Cooling Coil 1,855 1h 30m
Icon Blaster RifleBlaster Rifle2,5451h 50m

The Blaster Rifle is initially locked. It is unlocked when the Officer's Lounge Imperial level is completed.


Level Pictures
Superlaser Ray
Level Completion:
Message Superlaser Ray Complete


Delivering an Imperial Gunner to this level unlocks a Scene.

Scene Imperial Gunner and Superlaser Ray (Star Wars Tiny Death Star)02:03

Scene Imperial Gunner and Superlaser Ray (Star Wars Tiny Death Star)

Album Imperial Gunner


Imperial levels were originally used for Crafting Missions. If a Supply Officer was delivered or summoned to this level, it would craft Test Firings in 5 hours and 20 minutes.

The version 1.3.0 update replaced Crafting Missions with Imperial Assignments, and crafting items were replaced with new Imperial items.


In the Album, the Scene for this level is labelled as "Superlaser Tunnel".


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