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Salvage Droids
Launch Salvage Droids to collect salvage. Each Droid has a different chance for rare rewards. Your free Salvage Droid is reset every 24 hours and locations are rescanned every 12 hours. Invite Friends, and your daily Free Droid will bring back even more cargo!

For each level of Salvage droid the screen will show the location that the Droid will be sent. By tapping on the location you can get more details of the possible rewards from that location. Every 12 hours the locations change after being rescanned. You can force a rescan more often for the cost of 5 Bux.


Droid Rare Item Cost
Salvage Droid Bronze
Chance Free, 5+ Bux[1]
Salvage Droid Silver
Good Chance 15 Bux
Salvage Droid Gold
Best Chance 25 Bux
  1. One droid every 24 hours is free. The first paid droid is 5 Bux and each additional droid before the free reset the cost increases by 1 Bux

Once sent, they go through the following stages:

  • Heading towards ... < 1m
  • Scouting ... < 1m
  • Returning ... < 1m


  • Asteroid Field
  • Csilla
  • Debris Field
  • Endor
  • Kashyyyk
  • Shipwreck

Sample RewardsEdit

  • 1000 Icon 1Credit
  • 1200 Icon 1Credit
  • 2400 Icon 1Credit
  • 2500 Icon 1Credit
  • Armor Upgrade x 20
  • Assault Trooper x 25
  • Barrel Replacements x 10
  • Battle Plans x 3
  • Capacitor Bank x 3
  • Diplomatic Envoy x 3
  • Heavy Turret x 20
  • Imperial Edict x 5
  • Plastoid Rounds x 10
  • Repair Droid x 10
  • Research Droid x 3
  • Shield Projector x 10
  • Stormtrooper x 12
  • Water Reserve x 7
  • VIP: Big Spender

Rare Rewards Edit

Location Rewards Notes Photo
Asteroid Field Asteroids: Little chunks of rock floating in space. Chance of navigating through? Three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one! Salvage Asteroid Field

Csilla Apts

Chiss HSP


Csilla is the home planet of the Chiss: a species with blue skin. Some say the planet's frigid climate and rich minerals caused the abnormality; Others say it's just depression.

Salvage Csilla
Debris Field

Gases, star dust, and destroyed star ships all went into the making of this debris field!

Salvage Debris Field
Endor Endor Adventure

Endor Arms


Endor is the home planet of the Ewoks. Other species live on the planet, but they're not as cute, therefore not as important. Salvage Endor

Kashyyyk Shack

Wookie Arms


Kashyyyk is the home planet of the Wookiees. It has one season year-round, and sandy beaches. If it weren't for the carnivorous plants, senior bitizens would be queued up to move in. Salvage Kashyyyk
Shipwreck Characters

Looks like this ship never made it to its final destination. One can only hope that the escape pods were in working order.

Salvage Shipwreck

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