Imperial Tasks
Icon Duty Console Duty Console
Icon Holo Display Holo Display
32px Command Platform
 Base Amounts
Icon Credits Stock Time
Icon Duty Console Icon 1Credit 2,020 1h 35m
Icon Holo Display Icon 2Credit 2,735 1h 55m
24px Icon 3Credit n/a
 Imperial Levels

Overbridge is an Imperial level in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. It is a limited edition level, obtained from the Imperial Propaganda Decoration Event. This level is now locked and not available for construction.


Any bitizen, including those who did not request the particular floor, can be delivered to this level. If a resource is being assembled, doing so will cut one minute from the completion time.

Icon Name Description Credit to Start Total Time
Icon Duty Console Duty Console 2,020 1h 35m
Icon Holo DisplayHolo Display2,7351h 55m
Overbridge imperial assignments
The Imperial Assignment for this level seems to be bugged:
  • The second item, the Holo Display, is not available for crafting (see image, right), yet is obtainable from Salvage Missions.
  • The build time and cost for the Duty Console should be for the Holo Display.
  • On Android, the icons for the two items are the same, a black rectangle with red squares and grey rectangles (see image, right).
  • On Windows RT, the Duty Console crafting task is labelled as "Not Used", but does display the correct icon.


Level Pictures
Level Completion:
Message Overbridge Complete


This level does not have any Scenes.


The Imperial Propaganda Decoration Event ran for 9 days, starting on 21 March 2014. The Overbridge level was the third reward, achieved by decorating 60 levels of the Death Star.


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