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  • Hi,

    These levels don't exist in the game yet, so, as such, they can't be hidden.

    In the tabbers we've used H = Hidden because "U" is already used for Unlockable. The name of the tab is "Unreleased". Therefore the correct category would be Unreleased levels. :)

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  • Hi Roosnake, thank you for putting in the time to edit in new pages. We have templates in place for creating new pages, so here's what you can put in ALL new level pages for greater uniformity:

    '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[LEVELTYPE]] level in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. The level is unreleased and cannot be built by any means.
    {{LevelInfobox|LEVELTYPE|desc1 = (Describe first item)
    |desc2 = (Describe second item)
    |desc3 = (Describe third item)
    |ref1 = (Reference text for first item)
    |ref2 = (Reference text for second item)
    |ref3 = (Reference text for third item)
    ==Level Information==
    :''For more information about how the game's calculations work, please refer to '''[[Game Mechanics]]'''.''
    ===Detailed Stock Times and Productivity===
    This level has no [[Scenes]].

    Change LEVELTYPE to the level type. Allowable arguments are: Residential, Food, Service, Retail, Recreation, and Imperial. You will also have to specify the items and their references manually, but this is entirely optional. You can also leave it blank. Hope to see you do more editing in the future!

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    • Hi Roosnake,

      I applied the standard template to the Bowcaster Range page for you. Please follow Zergrinch's instructions above when creating new level pages.

      Note that you should use the Classic Editor, and then click on the Source tab to engage the Source Editor. You can then copy and paste the code from above and make the requisite changes to the LEVELTYPE, which appears in 6 places.

      Yes, make the pages pretty! :)


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    • Roosnake,

      Once again, you need to use the standard template when creating any LEVELS pages, that is, Residential, Food, Service, Retail, Recreation, and Imperial levels pages.

      Just an update to my above instructions, use the standard editor (just click the blue Edit button), and then click the menu button (the 3 horizontal lines) on the toolbar, and then select Source Editor.

      After that it's just a simple matter of copy and paste Zergrinch's code, and then replace LEVELTYPE in 6 places. How hard could that be, right?

      Now please give it a try by re-editing Aqualish Apts.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Tiny Death Star Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Imperial Grocer page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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