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Selecting the green MENU button in the lower right corner opens the menu screen. The menu screen provides access to additional areas of Tiny Death Star. To return to the main game screen, select the red X icon in the lower right corner of the menu screen. Select each link to read more.

Icon Area Description
Bitizens Bitizens Provides a list of all the Bitizens currently in your Tiny Death Star. The list is sortable by employment status, commercial skill (Food, Service, Recreation or Retail) and dream job.
Levels Levels Takes you to the Levels tab of the Album. You can seen all the levels that are available for each category (Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, Residential, Imperial). The levels you currently own will be highlighted while the cost to unlock levels will be shown for those level not owned.
Album Album

Three main tabs where you can view:

  • Specific Bitizens (Not those living in your Tiny Death Star)
  • Levels (As described above)
  • Scenes (Animated cut scenes you have unlocked)
Store Store

You can purchase (for Bux):

You can also participate in offers to earn more Bux in the Imperial Bux Store.

Inventory Inventory View the number of Imperial Items you have for Assignments (Crafting Missions)
Get Bux Get Bux Takes you directly to the Imperial Bux Store.
Holonet Holonet The Facebook of the Death Star.
Missions Menu Logo Missions Takes you to the Missions screen.
Settings Settings Adjustments to game play, such as Sound FX, Music, Tips and Reminders. Also provides game information and the ability to reset the game.

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