VIP Decorator Droid
The Imperial Decorator Droid is a limited time VIP in Tiny Death Star, added as part of the Game Update on December 12, 2013. Using the Decoration Event tab, an Imperial Decorator Droid can be purchased. The first Imperial Decorator Droid can be purchased for free, however additional Decorator Droids cost 4 Bux.
Tab Decoration Event Reward

If an Imperial Decorator Droid is delivered to an already decorated Residential, Commercial or Retail level, it will have no impact. However, if delivered to an already decorated Imperial level that is in the process of crafting an item, the droid will deduct 1 minute from the crafting time.

"Festive Imperial Decorator Droid will spread holiday cheer throughout the floors of your Death Star. Decorate enough levels to earn exclusive, limited-edition rewards!"


Icon Decorator Droid
Message Decorator Droid
Imperial Decorator Droids will periodically show up on the Arrivals floor, as indicated by a green snowflake icon in the lower left portion of the screen. Clicking on the green snowflake operates like any other VIP, giving you the option to store the Imperial Decorator Droid in the Arrivals, or use it immediately.

When delivered to any floor, the Decorator Droid will string up festive holiday lights. For each floor decorated in this manner, progress toward Decoration Event Rewards is made.


  • The Imperial Decorator Droid is a Probe Droid.

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