On 27 February 2014 a new group of bitizens, the Galactic Registry: Series 1, were added to the game. They are obtained from Salvage Missions.

Image Character Description Salvage Mission
Album 3B6-RA-7
3B6-RA-7 3B6-RA-7 may seem clumsy and unable to perform basic duties, but don't be fooled. For underneath is a droid programmed for espionage! If "Three Bee's" master can cope with his frequent incompetencies, The Empire can retrieve valuable data from him. That is a big if. Shipwreck
Album Baldarek
Baldarek Baldarek is a Chiss bartender who works at Baruk's Bar on New Shaddaa. While on duty, "Red Eye" is privy to many of his boss's illegal operations. Baldarek hates all conflict, whether it be a bar brawl or the authorities interrogating him. He will avoid it at all costs. Csilia
Album Chuundar
Chuundar Small for a Wookiee, Chuundar always had a chip on his shoulder. In anger, he exiled his father, Freyyr, and imprisoned his own brother. Not cool, Chuundar. Not cool. Kashyyyk
Album Deej
Deej Deej is a loving father and an Ewok warrior! He almost lost his life when he cut himself on some sharp rokna tree fungus but with the help of his wife, his children, and Logray, he was nursed back to health. Endor
Album FA-4 Pilot Droid
FA-4 Pilot Droid As the name suggests, Pilot droids drive vessels throughout space. The FA-4 is a luxury pilot droid, utilized by wealthy citizens such as the infamous Count Dooku. Shipwreck
Album Freyyr
Freyyr Freyyr has a shaky past. He was exiled to the Lower Shadowlands after attacking his son, Chuundar. Granted, his son was a bit of a jerk. His status as a "madclaw" was eventually revoked and he returned to his position as a Wookiee chieftain. Kashyyyk
Album GNK
GNK GNKs are clunky walking power generators that earned the nick-name "GONK" because of the funny little sound they make. While they are programmed with simple AI, they have surprisingly developed a profound spiritual side. *GONK!* Shipwreck
Album K-3PO
K-3PO With a database of military records ranging over twenty years, K-3PO is a historical and tactical genius. He is a great resource for planning a campaign, but not a great resource for planning a party. Shipwreck
Album Logray
Logray Logray is the medicine man of Bright Tree Village. He was able to tap into the magical forces of the forest to ward away minions of the Night Spirit, and keep the more dangerous creatures of Endor at bay. Endor
Album Quagga
Quagga Once a former slave to an Imperial engineer, Quagga can repair just about anything. He opened his own shop but his insistence on quality craftsmanship drove customers to cheaper establishments. Until business picks up, he can be found entering his work in high-grossing demolition contests. Kashyyyk
Album R9
R9 R9 specializes as an in-flight navigator and mechanic for the StealthX Starfighter. Even though he is a good droid, R9 will withhold data from his owner for the sake of preservation. Shipwreck
Album Salporin
Salporin Salporin is one of Chewbacca's closest friends. A skilled hunter and craftsman, Salporin also has a beautiful singing voice. Kashyyyk
Album Sev'eere'nuruodo
Sev'eere'nuruodo Sev'eere'nuruodo also known as Vereen is not the friendliest Chiss. She's incredibly suspicious of outsiders even when they save her life. Perhaps she's just misunderstood? Nah. Csilia
Album Sev'rance-Tann
Sev'rance-Tann Sev'rance-Tann is a very confident Chiss; perhaps too confident. Strong-willed, a master of tactics and a skilled sabersman, Tann mocks her opponents before destroying them. Csilia
Album Shaneeka
Shaneeka Shaneeka is a talented Chiss engineer. She is stationed at the hidden village, Aurilia on Dathomir. She focuses primarily on repairing and maintaining the township's shield generator so that she and her refugees will be safe from attack. Csilia
Album Shodu
Shodu Shodu is a loving mother and wife. She cares for her four children, Weechee, Willy, Wicket, and Winda. A quiet hero, Shodu nursed her husband back to health when he cut himself on some sharp rokna tree fungus. Endor
Album Spiker
Spiker Spiker loves riding his swoop bike... into walls. His numerous collisions and his pretending to be mentally incompetent are just a cover-up for his ultimate plan: becoming a criminal mastermind. No one will be the wiser. Csilia
Album Tarfful
Tarfful Tarfful and Chewbacca are dear old friends who fought bravely together in the Battle of Kashyyyk. A talented military strategist and fierce warrior, Tarfful is actually a gentle Wookiee in his day to day life. Kashyyyk
Album Teebo
Teebo Teebo is an aspiring medicine man and Logray's apprentice. A sensitive soul, he loves poetry, nature, and art. In his free time, he also dabbles in rudimentary magic. The results are frequently undesirable. Endor
Album Teek
Teek Teek is best friends with Noa Briqualon, Cindel Towani and Wicket. He has the ability to run incredibly fast and is a native of Endor. In his free time he plays the flute. Endor
Album Weechee
Weechee Weechee is considered one of the strongest Ewok warriors. He shows his love for his brothers by teasing them relentlessly. In his free time, he saved his father from fungus poisoning and also helped save the Towanis from the giant Gorax. Endor
Album Willy
Willy Willy is a chubby little Ewok. He is teased by his brothers for being clumsy and for his lack of courage. While it's uncertain whether or not Willy will be able to save lives in times of trouble, it is certain he will make his fellow Ewoks laugh. Endor

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