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Food Levels are commercial levels that serve a variety of galactic delicacies to the Bitizens of the Tiny Death Star. Up to three Bitizens may be employed on any Food Level just like any commercial level.

List of Food LevelsEdit

There are currently 15 food levels available. The amount it costs to unlock a level with Imperial Bux is dependent upon the number of levels a player already has, and increases with each additional level.

There are 11 unreleased food levels in the game files. Most of these hidden levels are unfinished, with pictures still from Tiny Tower. Names and pictures of unreleased levels are subject to change.

Level Name Status[1] Stock 1 Amt Base Time Stock 2 Amt Base Time Stock 3 Amt BaseTime
Bantha Burger
Bantha Burger
A Bantha Burger
Icon Bantha Burger
100 10m Krayt Bacon Burger
Icon Krayt Bacon Burger
150 15m Sithwich
Icon Sithwich
300 30m
Bongo Sandwiches
Bongo Sandwiches
A Nyork Meat
Icon Nyork Meat
100 10m Chuba Chips
Icon Chuba Chips
150 15m Fatfish
Icon Fatfish
200 20m
The Cantina
The Cantina
A Flameout
Icon Flameout
10 1m Reactor Core
Icon Reactor Core
100 10m Meltdown
Icon Meltdown
250 25m
Dewback Ribs
Dewback Ribs
A Nerf Rinds
Icon Nerf Rinds
40 4m Krayt Steak
Icon Krayt Steak
150 15m Dewback Ribs
Icon Dewback Ribs
300 30m
Dex's Diner
Dex's Diner
A Jawa Juice
Icon Jawa Juice
150 15m Sliders
Icon Sliders
400 40m Fried Nerf Steak
Icon Fried Nerf Steak
850 85m
Ewok Sweets
Ewok Sweets
A Rainbow Berry Pie
Icon Rainbow Berry Pie
50 5m Honey Melon Cookie
Icon Honey Melon Cookie
250 25m Danglebarry Shake
Icon Danglebarry Shake
400 40m
Geonosian Grub
Geonosian Grub
A Acklay Claw
Icon Acklay Claw
350 35m Reek Ribs
Icon Reek Ribs
1200 2h Nexu Chops
Icon Nexu Chops
4000 3h 40m
Huttza Parlor
Huttza Parlor
A Small Slice
Icon Small Slice
50 5m Medium Slice
Icon Medium Slice
300 30m Hutt Size
Icon Hutt Size
450 45m
Ithorian Food
Ithorian Food
A Corobb Salad
Icon Corobb Salad
100 10m Gwethh
Icon Gwethh
250 25m Starfruit
Icon Starfruit
350 35m
Melahnese Food
Melahnese Food
A Dinner Reservations
Icon Dinner Reservations
100 10m Candlelight Dinner
Icon Candlelight Dinner
300 30m Propose A Toast
Icon Propose A Toast
500 50m
Mon Cala Seafood
Mon Cala Seafood
A Hoi-Broth
Icon Hoi-Broth
300 30m Gumfish
Icon Gumfish
600 1h Crab-Stuffed Creampuff
Icon Crab-Stuffed Creampuff
1000 1h 40m
Mos Espa Cafe
Mos Espa Cafe
A Blue Milk
Icon Blue Milk
10 1m Womp Rat Stew
Icon Womp Rat Stew
100 10m Dustcrepe
Icon Dustcrepe
300 30m
Neimoidian Food
Neimoidian Food
A Mulch Mold
Icon Mulch Mold
100 10m Neekoflight Pie
Icon Neekoflight Pie
250 25m Pylat Eggs
Icon Pylat Eggs
450 45m
Scoop of Hoth
Scoop of Hoth
A Beebleberry
Icon Beebleberry
30 3m Neuvian Sundae
Icon Neuvian Sundae
150 15m Tibanna Split
Icon Tibanna Split
1800 3h
Star Smoothies
Star Smoothies
A Kebroot
Icon Kebroot
200 20m Malla Petal
Icon Malla Petal
600 60m Oro Bark
Icon Oro Bark
2200 3h 40m

Level Name Status[2] Stock 1 Amt Base Time Stock 2 Amt Base Time Stock 3 Amt BaseTime
Biscuit Baron
Biscuit Baron
H Product A
Icon Biscuit Baron Product A
n/a n/a Product B
Icon Biscuit Baron Product B
n/a n/a Product C
Icon Biscuit Baron Product C
n/a n/a
H Harza Cake
Icon Harza Cake
300 30m Choya Bread
Icon Choya Bread
450 45m Shim-bay Crispa
Icon Shim-bay Crispa
1800 180m
Cup O Caf
Cup O Caf
H Caf
Icon Caf
50 5m Coffeine
Icon Coffeine
100 10m Vine-coffee
Icon Vine-coffee
200 20m
H A Rations
Icon A Rations
50 5m C Rations
Icon C Rations
150 15m Moff Rations
Icon Moff Rations
300 30m
Gungan Diner
Gungan Diner
H Gumbol
Icon Gumbol
150 15m Nommi
Icon Nommi
450 45m Umi-Yumi
Icon Umi-Yumi
2200 220m
(3h 40m)
H Denta Bean
Icon Denta Bean
50 5m Trammistan Chocolate
Icon Trammistan Chocolate
150 15m Herglic Algae
Icon Herglic Algae
300 30m
Kamino Sushi
Kamino Sushi
H Seacrawler
Icon Seacrawler
20 2m Sponge Roll
Icon Sponge Roll
80 8m Electro-eel
Icon Electro-eel
250 25m
Mooga Teahouse
Mooga Teahouse
H Manellan Jasper Tea
Icon Manellan Jasper Tea
50 5m Bluefruit Kintle Tea
Icon Bluefruit Kintle Tea
250 25m Karlini Tea
Icon Karlini Tea
400 40m
Naboo Delicacies
Naboo Delicacies
H Garlic Bread
Icon Garlic Bread
200 20m Cannoli
Icon Cannoli
650 65m Spaghetti
Icon Spaghetti
3700 370m
(6h 10m)
Sundari Cafe
Sundari Cafe
H Product A
Icon Sundari Cafe Product A
n/a n/a Product B
Icon Sundari Cafe Product B
n/a n/a Product C
Icon Sundari Cafe Product C
n/a n/a
Tigg's Tavern
Tigg's Tavern
H Blank
Icon Tiggs Tavern Product A
200 20m Blank
Icon Tiggs Tavern Product B
650 65m Blank
Icon Tiggs Tavern Product C
3700 370m
(6h 10m)
Wookiee Chow
Wookiee Chow
H Trakkrrrn Ribs
Icon Trakkrrrn Ribs
450 45m Flat-biscuits
Icon Flat-biscuits
2000 200m
(3h 20m)
Bantha Rump
Icon Bantha Rump
4800 480m

  1. Status: A = Available, L = Locked, U = Unlockable
  2. Status: H = Hidden

All Stock items are listed as starting stock amount. Each Upgrade Rank to a level increases the total stock by 10% of the base stock amount. Specific values for the Stock increases can be found on the individual level pages.

The times show above or the base time required to order each stock item. The amount of time required to order each stock item decreases from the base time 1% per skill level of each bitizen hired for a maximum of 27% rounded down to the nearest whole number. Specific values for the Time decreases can be found on the individual level pages.

3 Bitizens x Skill 9 = 27 Total Skill, 1% per skill for a maximum total of 27%.
Base Time 30m - 27% = 21.9m rounded down to 21m

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