Various Star Wars characters and species can be unlocked to arrive in your Death Star, which may occur when a level is built or an Achievement is earned, for example. The unlocked characters and species can be found in the Album, which is located in the Menu.

Bounty HuntersEdit

Album 4-LOM Album Boba Fett Album Dengar Album Greedo Album IG-88


Album C-3PO Album FX-7 Album Interrogation Droid Album Pit Droid Album R2-D2 Album R5-D4

Men of the RebellionEdit

Album Bespin Han Album Bespin Luke Album Endor Han Album General Lando Album Han Solo Album Hoth Han Album Hoth Luke Album Lando Calrissian Album Luke Skywalker Album Pilot Luke

Ladies of the RebellionEdit

Album Bespin Leia Album Endor Leia Album Hoth Leia Album Leia Organa Rebel Album Slave Leia

Rebel HeroesEdit

Album Admiral Ackbar Album ChewbaccaAlbum Nien Nunb Album Wicket

Rebel AliensEdit

Album Bothan Album Ewok Album Gungan Album Kel Dor Album Mon Calamari Album Sullustan Album Togruta Album Wookiee

Outer RimEdit

Album Chiss Album Gand Album Geonosian Album Jawa Album Kaminoan Album Skakoan Album Toydarian Album Trandoshan Album Tusken Raider Album Ugnaught Album Zabrak


Album AT-AT Commander Album AT-AT Pilot Album Officer Black Uniform Album Imperial Helmsman Album Imperial Tech Album Royal Gaurd Album Sandtrooper Album Scout Trooper Album Shadowtrooper Album Snowtrooper Album Stormtrooper Album Swamptrooper Album TIE Pilot Album Imperial Gunner

Rebel ForcesEdit

Album Rebel Gaurd Album Rebel Guerilla Album Rebel Officer Album Rebel Pilot

The ForceEdit

Album Darth Vader Album Emperor Palpatine Album Jedi Luke Album Obi-Wan Kenobi Album Yoda

Cantina CrewEdit

Album Aqualish Album Arcona Album Bith Album Chadra-Fan Album Cornelius Evazan Album Devaronian Album Duros Album Ithorian Album Kubaz Album Rodian Album Snivvian Album Talz

Hutt's HenchmenEdit

Album Gamorean Album Gran Album Lando Calrissian (Skiff) Album Twi'lek Album Weequay

Limited EditionEdit

Album Boba Fett Holiday Special Album Grand Moff Tarkin Album R2-Q5 Album R4-I9 Album R5-J2

Galactic Registry: Series 1Edit

Album 3B6-RA-7 Album Baldarek Album Chuundar Album Deej Album FA-4 Pilot Droid Album Freyyr Album GNK Album K-3PO Album Logray Album Quagga Album R9 Album Salporin Album Sev'eere'nuruodo Album Sev'rance-Tann Album Shaneeka Album Shodu Album Spiker Album Tarfful Album Teebo Album Teek Album Weechee Album Willy

The Deep CoreEdit

Album Besalisk

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