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Spies will infiltrate the Death Star occasionally. Your job is to find them and collect your reward.

Well known spies, such as some of the Men of the Rebellion, will play one of two cut-scenes. In the first case, you catch the Rebel spy, and the reward is 2 Bux. In the second case, the Rebel spy escapes, and the reward is 1 Bux.

A generic spy, when caught, will show an animation of the bitizen running off the level they were caught on, and the reward is 1 Bux.

Catch the Spy Narratives Edit

Well Known Spies Edit

Infiltration Notification Success Failure

A rebel spy has infiltrated the Death Star.


You found the rebel scum.

Message Catch the Spy Success

A rebel hero has escaped our grasp!
Security must be tightened.

Message Catch Spy Escaped

Generic Spies Edit

Infiltration Notification Success

A rebel spy has infiltrated the Death Star.

Spy Padme Fisto

You found the rebel scum.

Task Success

Well Known Spies Edit

These are all the well known spies.

Well Known Spies Notification
Chewbacca Message Catch the Spy Chewbacca
Han Solo Message Catch the Spy Han Solo
Lando Calrissian Task
Leia Organa (Rebel) Task Lea Spy
Luke Skywalker Message Catch Spy Luke Skywalker

Generic Spies Edit

Examples of some of the bitizens who have been linked to being a Rebel spy.

Generic Spies Notification
Adi Kryze Adi Kryze
Cham Vos Spy Cham Vos
Even Korr Even Koor
Jodonna Tambor Spy Jadonna Tambor
Lot Antilles Lott Antilles
Padme Fisto Spy Padme Fisto
Rune Rieekan Rune Rieekan
Theala Paratus Theala Paratus

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