• Roosnake

    Disney has bought star wars. There are pros and cons. There will be episode 7, but disney removed Tiny Death Star!! You will reget Disney.!!!

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  • Zergrinch

    The app was recently updated in the Windows store.  There are no patch notes (the current patch notes are the same as the last one, which introduced Salvage Droids.

    I'm reluctant to upgrade because I'm currently using a bug that lets me reset the game over and over again without saving.  I send out a 25-bux salvage mission, save the game, reload, and keep reloading until I get what I want.  Which is the two levels I don't have (Chiss HSP and something from Kashyyyk).  

    I want to ask the Android and IOS users out there -- are there any updates for you? If so, what has changed?

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  • Sleepykransky

    May the 4th

    May 3, 2014 by Sleepykransky

    May The Fourth Be With You.

    Happy Star Wars day. Enjoy playing Tiny Death Star today. :)

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  • Zergrinch

    Not sure what just happened, but the price of ALL of the unlocked levels just dropped to 1 bux each, with over 100% discount.

    I now have 138 levels, 37 of which are under construction.

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  • Sleepykransky

    Hey guys, a new decoration event has just started. Like the previous decoration events, send decorator droids (R2-Q5) to festoon your levels with red Imperial banners to win prizes. There's 9 days left on the event.

    I didn't get a chance to play the previous decoration events, so some tips would be appreciated. Should I go all-out and spend my Bux to buy decorator droids, or will there be ample time to get the droids as they come in the elevator? I hope I don't have to grind 24/7 to complete all the tasks, like with the Medals/Imperial Levels one.

    The decorator droids cost 5 Bux each to summon, although the first one was free. I've already noticed a lot more Find the Bitizen and Catch the Spy tasks to compensate for these purchases.

    The first…

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  • Zergrinch


    March 20, 2014 by Zergrinch

    1. Bantha Burger
    2. Bongo Sandwiches
    3. Cookslot
    4. Dewback Ribs
    5. Dex's Diner
    6. Ewok Sweets
    7. Galley
    8. Geonosian Grub
    9. Gungan Diner
    10. Huttza Parlor
    11. Ice-on-a-stick
    12. Ithorian Food
    13. Javva the Hutt
    14. Kamino Sushi
    15. Kosh Tea House
    16. Melahnese Food
    17. Mon Cala Seafood
    18. Mos Espa Cafe
    19. Naboo Delicacies
    20. Neimoidian Food
    21. Scoop of Hoth
    22. Star Smoothies
    23. The Cantina
    24. Wookiee Chow

    1. Ammunition Depot
    2. Blast Doors
    3. Blaster Repair
    4. Communications
    5. Detention Level
    6. Droid Torture
    7. Droid Works
    8. Emperor's Chamber
    9. Extending Bridge
    10. Forcefield Gen
    11. Hyperdrive Field
    12. Imperial Meeting
    13. Interrogation
    14. Map Room
    15. Officer's Lounge
    16. Overbridge
    17. Shuttle Bay
    18. Sith Meditation
    19. Superlaser Ray
    20. TIE Hangar
    21. Tractor Beam
    22. Trooper Armor
    23. Trooper Barracks
    24. Turbolaser Gun
    25. Droid Lab
    26. Life Support

    1. Bowcaster Range
    2. Dark Side Cave
    3. Galaxies Opera
    4. Holo Billiards
    5. Holochess Hall
    6. Holofilm Rental
    7. Holonet Ca…

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  • Sleepykransky

    A couple of days ago I found that the info cards for the unique bitizens have been updated. The update shows, below the clapperboard icon, the number of that bitizen's Scenes which have unlocked. Note that the bitizen doesn't necessarily have to have unlocked the Scene themselves, it may have been unlocked by one of the other bitizens assigned to unlock that Scene. To illustrate this more clearly, I'll use the example of how I found this.

    I had just completed building the Training Remotes level. This Scene is unlocked by either Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke arrived in the lift and used him to unlock the Scene. I then checked Obi-Wan's info card and the clapperboard showed 3 of 3.

    Note that the clapperboard and number applies only fo…

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  • Sleepykransky

    I just had this Rodian move in to one of my apartments. His dream job is an Imposter. What is this? Obviously there's no Food level called Imposter. Does this mean that he can get any Food job and it will be flagged as a dream job?

    Unfortunately this bitizen has only low skill levels.

    I also noticed that the job title is not printed in all upper case, like with the normal bitizens.

    Does anyone else have an imposter in their Death Star?

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  • Sleepykransky

    I have just found that a new group of 24 Bitizens have been added to the game today: Galactic Registry: Series 1. I have added a new page to the wiki.

    I haven't found any of these new Bitizens yet.

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  • Sleepykransky

    Tiny Death Star

    February 13, 2014 by Sleepykransky

    It's Star Wars and retro graphics. What's not to like! :)

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  • ApplerGamers

    Yep, title says it all!

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  • Katat0nyx

    Scene Unlocking

    December 13, 2013 by Katat0nyx

    Rather than make 1000's of edits to the Scenes page, I figured I'd create a blog for people to contribute the different combinations they had tried, and whether they worked or not. Post your combinations and the date you tried them, and I'll update the table. I'm going to start with the assumption that the Troops and Rebel Forces groups do not unlock scenes.

    Floor Bounty Hunters Droids Men of the Rebellion Ladies of the Rebellion Rebel Heroes Rebel Aliens Outer Rim The Force Cantina Crew Hutt's Henchmen
    Mos Espa Cafe 4-LOM: ?
    Boba Fett: ?
    Dengar: ?
    Greedo: ?
    IG-88: ? C-3PO: ?
    FX-7: ?
    Pit Droid: ?
    R5-D4: ? General Lando: ?
    Han Solo: ?
    Lando Calrissian: ?
    Luke Skywalker: ? Bespin Leia: ?
    Hoth Leia: ?
    Leia Organa (Rebel): ? Admiral Ackbar: ?

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  • Mhommer

    Cost to unlock levels early

    December 11, 2013 by Mhommer

    I have been trying to track how much it cost to add levels and I think it has less to do with the number of levels but the mix of levels between commerical, residential and imperial. I think the formula is something like:

    Base Cost + (7 x Number of Comercial Levels) - (1 x Number of Residential & Imperial levels) = Unlock Cost.

    Need more data to confirm and to back out the Base Cost for each level. I am also not possitive on the effect of Imperial levels. ANy additional observations would be helpful.

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  • Mhommer

    Small Issue 2

    December 11, 2013 by Mhommer

    I like the fact that the game alerts you when stock is ready or a floor is closed because it has no stock. However, why can't is also alert you when a floor that was fully stocked is now down to it's last set of items? For the floors that have a small number of items, no big deal but when it takes hours to build and makes thousands of items, I don't always remeber to keep scrolling up and down to make sure everyone who can be ordering something, is ordering something. Or am I just being lazy? :P 

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  • ApplerGamers

    Do You Remember:

    1. Your first Bitizen?
    1. Your first bought level?
    1. Your first Residential level?
    1. Your first bitizen with a special costume?

    Post your answers down below!

    Post your answers down below!

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  • ApplerGamers

    I don't think polls are enabled on this wiki, but post your answer below! 

    How Pointless are Imperial Levels?

    1.Not Pointless at all!

    2.Kinda Pointless

    3.Really Pointless

    4.No use at all

    5.I don’t have one.

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  • Mhommer

    Small Issue

    December 9, 2013 by Mhommer

    Overall, wonderfully additive game. Only beef I have so far is that the Imperial levels are rather un-forgiving of delivering someone to the wrong floor. Wait just a second and poof! out the door they go. I can't help but wonder how much worse my aim will be with a faster elevator.

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  • ApplerGamers

    So I was playing Battle Bears Gold, right about to kill someone. Then the Tiny Death Star notification was like "Melahnese Food on level 18 needs attention before Lord Vader becomes aware!" on the side of the screen for some reason. THEN I was moveing, and I HIT the notification and I started getting into Tiny Death Star. I was like "BLU-RAY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO".

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  • ApplerGamers

    Hi Third

    December 7, 2013 by ApplerGamers

    Thrid pointless blog

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  • ApplerGamers

    Hi Again

    December 7, 2013 by ApplerGamers

    Another pointless "Hi" blog

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  • Katat0nyx

    Bitizen Move-In Strategy

    December 7, 2013 by Katat0nyx

    I have some history with this type of game, because I played its predecessor Tiny Tower. I've found that a number of different strategies could be used to move bitizens in, obviously with the ultimate goal of having every level with 3 dream jobbers, each with Skill 9.

    What I will call the "Busy-Body" approach to bitizen move-in is to accept every bitizen that walks in the door. Due to the fact that dream jobbers are far more valuable than Skill 9, this approach seems appealing to get the maximum benefit in the least amount of time. The problem with this approach is that you wind up moving bitizens around a lot, and eventually you are faced with evicting a bunch of the lower skilled bitizens anyway. Although there are some benefits in quickl…

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  • Mhommer


    December 7, 2013 by Mhommer

    Only a day and already hooked. What is it about low res graphic games that are so appealing?

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  • ApplerGamers


    December 2, 2013 by ApplerGamers


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