Achievements are in-game tasks that players can undertake and complete to earn Game Center points or Google Play Games achievements.

The current list of achievements is below:

Achievement Name Description Points Icon
1,000,000 Credits Earn 1,000,000 Imperial Credits Icon 1Credit 100
Achievements 1M Credits
500,000 Credits Earn 500,000 Imperial Credits Icon 1Credit 50
Achievements 500k Credits
100,000 Credits Earn 100,000 Imperial Credits Icon 1Credit 10
Achievements 100k Credits
All Level Types Create one of each level type 10
Achievements All Level Types
Build 50 Levels Add 50 Levels to The Tiny Death Star 50
Achievements Build 50 Levels
Set of Rebel Heroes Capture all the Rebel Heroes 50
Achievements Set of Rebel Heroes
Imperial Level Build an Imperial Level 10
Achievements Imperial Level
Dream Job! Place a Bitizen in a dream job 30
Achievements Dream Job!
Build 10 Levels Add 10 Levels to The Tiny Death Star 10
Achievements Build 10 Levels
Expert Crafting Complete 5 Crafting Missions 50
Achievements Expert Crafting
Rebel Hero Capture a Rebel Hero 10
Achievements Rebel Hero

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