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Scenes table redesign

As it currently stands, the Scenes table is not narrow-screen-friendly. It also lacks bitizen names in text, so you can't use your browser's Find function to find which levels a bitizen unlocks. I've made some modifications to the current table as a start to rectifying these issues. I don't have experience with page design, so please comment/add anything to improve it.

You can find the testing page here: Test - Scenes

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I would argue there's no need to have the videos on the scenes page.  We can just have two columns: the level name and pic, and the bitizen names and pics.

Is that because many of the videos have been removed from YouTube?

Partly, and because they take up a humongous amount of vertical space on what is supposed to be a simple list.

So the videos should reside on the level's page?

Yes. And plus, there is a reuploaded video compilation of ALL the scenes. THIS is the one that belongs here :)

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