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• 3/31/2014

Levels Page Redesign

I have been working on a series of templates that would dramatically make things easier.  Here are the features:

  • Level information is automatically populated; no user intervention needed
  • Colors will adapt dynamically based on the type of level (this still needs to manually defined)
  • Pictures are automatically populated, provided they are already uploaded and follow a strict naming scheme
  • Productivity and discounted stocking times are automatically calculated - no need to fill up tables now!
  • Decorations are overlaid on the level image, without any need to upload any additional pictures
  • Page is automatically added to the correct categories

Take a look at the Galaxies Opera page, and tell me what you think!

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• 6/6/2014

I've added the caveat to Overbridge and added the 2 icons. Imperial page updated with the 2 items/times/costs. Anything you want to add to that? Stupid Wikia servers still caching old images though.

All Imperial levels updated with new template and level images. :) Did I mention the stupid Wikia servers are still caching some of the old images? :(

• 6/7/2014

Stupid Wikia servers are caching some of the old images >:(

• 6/8/2014

The caches are flushing. :) Only the Recon Droid icon and a few of the level pics remain to be updated.

• 7/8/2014


I've come across a problem with the Imperial Museum and Mon Cala Aquarium levels. They both have an Item 1 called "Admission".

I renamed the Imperial Museum one from Icon_IM_Admission.png to Icon_Admission.png before I found out about the Aquarium one, which is called Icon_MCA_Admission.png.

Any ideas on how to handle this in the Db and templates?

• 7/8/2014

We will retain the Db name.  Let me think how to solve this via templates.

• 7/8/2014

Templates updated.  If ever you need to specify a custom filename, add this:

  • |Icon1=nameoffile.png
  • |Icon2=nameoffile.png
  • |Icon3=nameoffile.png

When invoking the template.  You can see how it's done on Mon Cala Aquarium.

• 7/9/2014

As always, brilliant work! Thanks Zergrinch.

• 7/10/2014

I've just found a bug in the new version of the LevelSummary template when using the "name=" parameter for levels with an apostrophe in the level name. It uses the name= text for the level image, instead of {{PAGENAME}}. e.g. Rebo's Karaoke, Watto's Wares. It was working correctly before the last change.

I guess your change was to cater for Bounty Hunters (Service Level).

But it does "work" for Nightsister's... because you've uploaded 2 versions of the level image file. :D :D

Edit: Perhaps we should rename the "Bounty Hunters (Service Level)" page to "Bounty Hunters", and the "Bounty Hunters" page to "Bounty Hunters (Bitizens)", if it would make things easier, and there's no objections.

• 7/10/2014

This wasn't introduced in the last modification, but when I was trying to fix Bounty Hunters (Service Level).  I had long argued for Bounty Hunters (Service Level) to be renamed (look at the Talk Page for it), but there was no administrative comment :P

As such, it's not a bug - it is intended behavior.  Apostrophes can get wonky, which is why this workaround was needed. The requisite code is: 

[[Image:{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}.png|192px]]<br />'''{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}'''

It invokes an image which is first based on what is specified in "name=", which in wikispeak is {{{name}}}.  In case the name is unspecified, it reverts to {{PAGENAME}}, which is the title of the page.  The same goes for the text that follows the image.

• 7/11/2014

Wow, I could have sworn that when using "name=" the LevelSummary would show the level image. But looking at that code, there's no way that could have been. I must have been dreaming. Thanks for your explanation.

I'll upload copies of the apostrophe levels.

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