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• 3/29/2014


Hi, just wondering if anyone knows for sure if TDS is (or isn't) a game where data will be lost if it's uninstalled and reinstalled on the same device. I haven't been able to launch the game in over a couple weeks again (last time it lasted about six weeks) and I know this works for some games, but I don't really want to lose my progress.


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• 3/29/2014

Tinydude17, turn on airplane mode and disable all internet conections, then see if you can log into the game.

But to answer your question, if Facebook integration is turned ON, then the game is saved there with a local backup in case of connection problems.  But I haven't tried it myself, so reinstall at your own risk.

• 3/29/2014

I can confirm that if you have Facebook integration turned on, then your game data is backed up to the cloud. I have cleared my App Data (I'm on Android) to fix an issue, logged back in and it has restored my data to where I was.

If you didn't have Facebook integration enabled then you can use a backup app (Helium works for non-rooted) to backup and restore your game data. Again, I have done this successfully, before the game added FB integration/cloud backup.

Of course if there's corruption in your game data then these methods may not work for you. YMMV.

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